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Hızır Plateau

Our route now takes us to an upland community living at the heart of nature. Head out south on the İslahiye-Hatay road towards the Hızır Plateau, which lies at the top of the Amanos Mountains, 20 km west of the town of Altınüzüm in the district of İslahiye. Before the road starts climbing into the Amanos Mountains, you pass through the fascinating village of Tandır with its traditional buildings.

The village, with its flat-roofed, adobe brick houses, sits in a valley between two mountains. To get to the Hızır Plateau behind Tandır village, you follow the winding road which climbs to the summit of the hill, and then drops down to the inner part of the plateau. After a 40 minute journey, the Hızır Plateau will appear in all its beauty. 

The stunning beauty of untouched nature is all around you; pine, cedar, spruce, plane, alder, juniper and fruit trees spread over a wide area. Streams fed by spring water and meltwater irrigate land used for growing fruit and vegetables.

The 1530 m high plateau was declared a Tourism Centre on 15/12/1994 by the Council of Ministers’ decision number 94/6345.

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