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Ömeroğlu Mausoleum

After seeing the bitter reminders of the battle of Antep, our route takes us on towards Kilis. As we head south, we come to the Ömeroğlu Mausoleum, located near Balık Brook in Ömeroğlu village in the district of Polateli.

To get to the mausoleum, you need to turn left off the Mülk main road on to a rough pathway, continuing for about 1.5 km. It is then a 5-minute walk to the mausoleum which stands in the middle of an empty piece of land where animals graze. As locals call it the “pigsty”, the area is known as the “Pigsty Region” (Domuzdamı).

The single-structure, vaulted mausoleum is constructed from hewn basalt and measures  460 cm x 115 cm, with a height of 330 cm. The entrance to the tomb measures 90 cm x 115 cm and there is a loophole, a small opening measuring 50 cm x 30 cm.

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